Salmon fishing

Saturday morning, we woke up at 3 AM to drive the hour to Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Matt’s brother had a friend who took us out on Lake Michigan in his fishing boat. It was a gorgeous day, and the water was flat calm. He set us up to troll in the deep water offshore. We only caught two fish, but it was still an awesome day.


                                                Pre-dawn light as we left the marina





                                                      Sun peeking over the horizon



                                                      Trolling along


                                                      First fish


                                                     Small king salmon


                                                     My salmon


                                                     Sparkling blue water


                                                     SS Badger, returning from Ludington, Michigan


                                                     Cleaning our paltry catch

Apparently, it’s been a bad fishing year on Michigan. We weren’t surprised to only get two. And it was an amazing, lovely day. 70, sunny, water temps in the 50s. It was a fun experience. I’m excited to try again next year.


8 thoughts on “Salmon fishing

    • The fella who took us out even gave us some smoked salmon he had from a larger fish last year. I was disappointed we didn’t have a monster 20 pounder hit- I hear they fight like crazy. But it was an awesome day nonetheless. The closest we’ll get to being on the ocean.

  1. I love trolling! We’ve only made it out for salmon once this year – and only ended up catching a rainbow trout. But the Owen Sound Salmon Derby starts this weekend so fingers crossed!

    • It’s so much work! The set up is pretty complex. But Matt and I were taking notes for when we finish the ditch boat. It’s going to be expensive to get it going, to say the least. Unless we track down used gear.

  2. Sorry for your paltry catch, but that’s the way it goes at times. It’s funny, I just finished reading an article by the local outdoor writer for our local paper telling us how people were slaying huge salmon. But, I never believe a word that the guy writes, he’s promoting the charter industry more than telling the truth.

    • Maybe on the eastern shore of Michigan and on Huron they’re good. It’s hard to say. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that we didn’t get a monster 20 pounder, But my arms were tired from reeling in that one fish on all the leadcore line.

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