Trail Cams and a Failed Boating Trip.

Yesterday was supposed to be another one fishing. Matt decided to give the lower Wisconsin a shot, and we headed over to launch out of Mazomanie. The land we hunt is on the way, so we also stopped put up our trailcams. Yes, we’re late to that party, but it’s public land, and we’d rather they didn’t get stolen. Plus summer just really got away from us.

This tree would even be pretty decent to hunt out of.

This tree would even be pretty decent to hunt out of.


We did a bit of light scouting while we were out there, but it’s been pretty dry and the ground’s hard. I did find one turkey breast feather in the same field where I scared out the jake and the tom, and where we think they roost. There was also turkey poo, and some of the only deer tracks we saw. We didn’t make it to the back fields, and we both agree to get a better idea of what happens in the front of the property for the very late season. Trudging a half mile or so in knee deep snow is pretty tough.

As we drove through the Mazomanie Bottoms state natural area to the Boat Launch of Doom.

As we drove through the Mazomanie Bottoms state natural area to the Boat Launch of Doom.

In fact, putting up the trail cams was the only positive from yesterday. With how shallow that part of the river was, we ended up breaking a shear pin on the lower part of the outboard on some rocks (though luckily nothing more serious). The current was too strong for the electric motors, so we carefully made our way back to the launch to attempt to shore fish. We didn’t catch anything but a bunch of snags and a rock that had a zebra mussel on it (I cracked that sucker open for bait). I gave up fishing before Matt did, and when he decided to go, I put a bottle of soda in my purse, only to discover the lid came off, soaking my bag in Coke.

I think it also slaughtered my poor camera, which has been with me since my study abroad in northern Germany in 2007. I’m going to tinker with it a bit to see if I can get it to work. That $100 I spent six years ago seemed like a lot to a broke-ass college student about to leave the country for the first time. Plus, I’m pretty attached to this thing. We’ve seen a lot together. Lüneburg, Lübeck, Hamburg, London, all over Chicago and my home area in Illinois, my college town, Sacramento, San Francisco, Phoenix, the mountains in Arizona, Pittsburgh, Madison, northern Wisconsin, two Marine Corps balls, a couple weddings, some family parties, and countless other small trips and events I’m sure I’m forgetting. If not, then I guess I’ve been kicking around replacing it for a while now.


10 thoughts on “Trail Cams and a Failed Boating Trip.

    • When things like that happen, I always imagine that somewhere down the road, some archaeologist is going to find it and ponder what it was used for. I joke that my camera’s a fossil, but I never mean it as literally.

  1. Awh, man! I know how you feel about your camera. I’ve had my computer forever too and it’s seem me through a great deal and has kept me connected to friends around the globe for a number of years. The sound is shot, the disk drive went kaput and someone spilled a Mike’s hard lemonade on the keyboard at one point, but it’s still kicking. So, I hope your camera is still kickin after the coke. And if not, sounds like she had an amazing run! 🙂

    • Yeah. I may just bite the bullet and get a new point and shoot. The old camera’s been on her way out for a while. But she made a noise like a hawk when the shutter came out.

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