Something to be Said for a Sure Thing.

This weekend was the unofficial start of Matt’s leave. It doesn’t officially start till 4 pm today, and he had to go into work this morning and Saturday morning, but we’re counting it. Sunday we got out and tried our hand at trolling on Lake Monona.

Getting everything set up.

Getting everything set up.

Scattered thunderstorm

Scattered thunderstorm

Setting things up to troll is quite the undertaking. Without the proper equipment, you’re just dragging lures behind you on the surface. Given that at one point, we were in 50+ feet of water, this isn’t really helpful. There’s all kinds of things out there to make your line go down to a certain depth, or out to the sides. We only have the two big pole holders, so we used two jet divers to sink our stuff to about 10 feet. Figuring out how to get them to stay down took more than a couple tries. Eventually, we had them tied on right, and had enough line out at the right speed to get them to stay under water. We trolled for about four hours altogether. We had one follow up when we stopped to cast for a little while, which was the most exciting thing that happened. That is, until we managed to break off two trolling lures and the jet divers when we snagged the bottom. Our line was heavy enough test that the leaders are what broke. After that, Matt cast for a little while, but when another muskie lure lost its tail as he retrieved it, we called it a day. He shook his fist and swore that with two weeks off, he would find a way to catch fish on these lakes.

After a little retail therapy at Gander (and some tackle replacements), Matt decided that we were going to catch some fish today, damnit. We went with the sure thing and put in up at Cherokee Marsh for some catfish. Fish were jumping clear out of the water as we motored up. We tried by the lily pads like we normally do, and Matt caught the first non-catfish we’ve seen up here.

12" largemouth

12″ largemouth

Two inches shy of the limit, it went back in the water. We opted to mix things up and move away from the shallows in the pads. There’s an island in the middle of the marshy lake. Near there, I caught a good sized cat, which Matt held for the picture.

SAMSUNGWe’ve got more than enough catfish fillets, however, and I opted to let it swim away. It was here that we also caught a couple more drum (/sheepshead)


After a little bit, we motored back to the channel that leads to the launch. Last Fall during waterfowl season, there were incredibly low water levels after a hot, dry summer. We always saw huge wakes as we scared out fish. Matt wanted to try to fish right there. We set up again just before dark. I had another drum pretty quickly. It had swallowed the hook, and as I was cutting my line, I heard Matt blurt out something and lunge for his pole. It was his light little panfish pole, and the line was going out in a hurry. He fought it for a long time. It went under the boat, and I had to pull up the front anchor before he could pull it up and I could get a net under it. It was a bit too dark to take a photo just then, and we were fending off mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds. Matt’s pride was restored a bit, so we decided to leave the marsh to the bats and the bugs.


At 13 pounds, it’s lighter than the one I caught back in April, but that one was preggo. This catfish was definitely bigger. Matt set to skinning it to taxidermy it.

Matt plans to cut out of work early today. We may go out fishing some more tonight, but I also set out the last goose we had frozen. I had to make room for all of Matt’s frozen taxidermy specimens. There will finally be another Wild Food post. The rest of this week we’ll be fishing and scouting. We need to set up game cameras (we’re way late to that party).  We’ve also got some tentative weekend plans, and given my luck, I don’t want to spoil them by blabbing them out. The last time I did that, his entire leave got cancelled.


3 thoughts on “Something to be Said for a Sure Thing.

    • We catch one or two good sized catfish on this particular water every time we go. We’ve caught them on everything from crawlers and leeches to shiners and suckers. Mine was caught on a shiner that died- I cut its belly and sides up a bit. Matt’s was on a live shiner.

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