Holy Moly, Hunting Season is Nearly Upon Us.

Good news: Matt replaced the power cable for my laptop. This cuts in half the amount of time it takes to crank out a post, and it reduces the number of curses I mutter as I backspace (again) to delete letters and punctuation marks the virtual keyboard thought I hit. Actual, physical keyboards are the way to go. It also means I have two camera options again.

Bad news: I worked a twelve hour day on Saturday, and I closed Sunday evening. Matt had to run to the office Sunday morning, and get a haircut before I went to work. So, we didn’t do anything over the weekend, really. He sanded some more on the big boat while I was gone Saturday, and organized our garage (thank goodness, it was beyond a mess in there).

However, Sunday morning, as I sat and had coffee and breakfast, it occurred to me: It’s already August. In Wisconsin, early goose season begins September first. Bow season for deer is September 14th. Fall Turkey begins September 14th as well. Duck season will begin somewhere in there (not yet announced), and I want to go out sturgeon fishing.

I have less than a month before we enter our hunting season schedule of go-go-going until January.  Last year, we were out hunting most weekday evenings, and literally every weekend (waterfowl in the morning, deer in the evening) from September until November when the boat trailer blew the tire. After that, we were still after deer as much as possible before we could go out ice fishing.

Matt's second buck, and largest. A basket 6 pointer from last Fall.

Matt’s second buck, and largest. A basket 6 pointer from last Fall.

My first deer, a big doe. Opening day of gun season last year.

My first deer, a big doe. Opening day of gun season last year.

Matt's first Canadian Giant goose last year.

Matt’s first Canadian Giant goose last year.

I haven’t been shooting yet this year. For bow or my shotgun. I still haven’t fired the rifle Matt wants me to use when we go hunting up north. We’ll remedy that over vacation (in two weeks!!!), which is a relief.

We’ll be going into our second waterfowl season. We worked out some kinks last year, and I imagine this year we’ll find even more. It’s also possible I’ll even get actual duck hunting camo. Last year, I went out in woodland camo. But women’s duck camo is even harder to find than women’s woodland. I’ll be heading into my second deer season. Maybe I’ll even get a tree stand instead of sitting behind a portable ground blind. We’ll be refitting and replacing some small equipment, as well as getting some bigger stuff.

All I know for sure is that I’d better start stocking up on sleep, and portable snacks for the field.


7 thoughts on “Holy Moly, Hunting Season is Nearly Upon Us.

    • More or less, yes. I haven’t had to buy beef in months, as we just have venison instead. We didn’t get quite enough fowl to replace chicken/turkey, but goose and duck definitely filled in for several meals. I still buy pork chops and roasts, but if hog hunting was an option, I probably wouldn’t have to. We basically just pay for the permits and gear, and then it’s as much as we can harvest. We had twelve tags between the two of us last year.

  1. Whitewing dove season is coming up first down here. Deerslayer really love ’em. I’m pretty sure that we’ll have plenty of meat to see us through till deer season. Then I can make some jerky and share some pictures.

    • When I was at the gym today, I chatted with the front desk guy. He said dove is starting up here, but I don’t think we have whitewing doves. Mourning doves, I believe are what we get. But Minnesota’s had goose season since mid-August, which is nuts. We still have plenty of preparations to make.

  2. what a great post our family is doing the same as early bow season for deer opens here in WV in 24 days .Sep 24th… fall Turkey the 2nd of Oct… We are also lucky like your family to eat almost only fresh game and some fresh fish. It is so wonderful to live off the land and gain the skills to be less dependant on the world for what you need… How do you all process your geese? do you pluck them or skin them out .. .we have not hunted goose but would love to ?

    • The two geese we got last year, we plucked and I cooked whole. I’ve got a post up on that. If we got more than the two this year, I would be willing to skin, but I’m planning on using the down and fine feathers to make a down comforter by hand. So, we’d take them home whole, pluck them, then breast them out. Unless you’re making soup, the only good part is the breast anyhow. Their legs and drumsticks are extremely tough. They’d be good ground up for sausage, it would just take a lot.

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