Wild Wine: First Racking

Racking when brewing refers to the process of siphoning partially-fermented fluid off of the sediment left behind by yeast as they complete their life cycle. This sediment is usually pretty bitter and smelly- not things you want in your wine (or whatever). So, I did that today, ten days after straining it. Fermentation had slowed considerably, and I had a mostly fully inflated balloon. So, more sanitizing and set up, then I was good to go.




So, getting that siphon going proved to be a challenge. But the good news is that even for being quite unfinished, my wine tastes pretty damn good. Pretty strong too! The rest of the process was simple- after the siphon was done, add some syrup and seal back up.I was right- there wasn’t room for a pint of syrup in there. I filled it back to the neck, though.





So, now it will sit until fermentation is done. Since I wasn’t able to add the entire pint of syrup, that may be shorter than planned. But- I’ll keep an eye on it, and then rack it a final time, then add conditioning tablets to carbonate it.


7 thoughts on “Wild Wine: First Racking

  1. Very cool!! That is so awesome that you are making your own wine. I recently made my first batch of beer, its sitting in bottles and is going through bottle conditioning right now. Gonna try one at the end of the week and see if its done yet. You might want to see if you can find an auto-siphon. I picked one up for $10.99 at our local homebrew store and getting it to siphon when I racked from first to second fermenter and later to a bottling bucket was no problem.

    You’ve got a cool blog, can’t wait to read more of it.

    • I wasn’t too upset about an accidental early tasting 😛 The stained kitchen towels and sticky spots on the floors and cabinets were what I didn’t like. This is, geez. My fourth or fifth fermenting project? An apple cider, mead, the Kolsch beer Matt and I made, and a smaller apple cider. I’m thrilled with how well this is working, considering they’re completely unwashed wild blackberries.

      • Very cool. I’ve got a Belgium White (like a Blue Moon) sitting in bottles and a Mexican Cerveza doing its first fermentation right now. No idea how it will taste, but it looks like a Negro Modelo.

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