Midweek Catch-all

After figuring out what to do with the hide last weekend, we didn’t have much to do. A cold front had moved through, so we went from the mid-90s early in the week to the 80s, and the high Saturday was in the 60s. Overnight it dropped into the 40s. Totally out of place for mid July in this part of the country. Also why all our pictures from the weekend show us wearing sweatshirts.

Saturday evening, we went fishing, after attending a short work-related function for Matt. We didn’t catch a thing, and when we tried to bowfish after that, the water was too murky to see more than a few inches. We got spoiled with the water clarity last year- it was hot and dry, and though the levels were feet below normal, they were undisturbed and clear to the bottom. I did nearly catch a baby gar with my bare hand, though.

Sunday evening I had to work, but on the way to the work function Saturday, we saw a yard sale with some pretty awesome stuff. They said they’d have more out the next morning. Sure enough, they did. Hand-forged antique sturgeon spears (we put in for our permits last night), antique fishing poles, a 150 pound cast iron cauldron, old tobacco pipes, axes, hatchets, antique woodworking tools, wooden longbows. Basically, it was a small estate sale for an outdoors enthusiast. Do I even need to say we took some home with us?


Two sturgeon spears, a Masai lion spear, a longbow, a broadhead axe, and a pipe.

I hope my estate sale is half as intereting as this fellow’s was. That wrapped up our weekend.

I went shore fishing on my own yesterday, but didn’t catch a damn thing. A kid next to me on the breakwater caught the biggest bluegill I’d ever seen. In the two hours I was out, I watched a fishing tournament get going, a scuba club head out, and four families with children let their kids chuck rocks into the water by my lines. I was less than thrilled.


From the north shore of Lake Mendota on a gray day


Some kind of fishing boat jamboree

On the docket today is a run to one of the smaller Madison farmer’s markets (Saturday’s one on the Square is too early for me) and racking that wine. Last night, we put in for some permits. Applications for Fall turkey and Winter sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago were due by the 31st. Matt also put in an application for wolf harvest, and discovered he has only 3 preference points for black bear. His home area requires a minimum of 9 points. The area just south of there requires 5, and just south of that requires three. Bear populations get correspondingly smaller the farther south one comes from Lake Superior. And even still, the area with any bear is two hours north of us here in Madison.

Today’s my last day off before a new month starts, and I work all through the weekend. Since my boss was ignoring my un-availability on the weekends this past month and a half, my weekend availability for August goes from 8am-2pm Saturday and Sunday, so I can still do something with my life, rather than working 11 hour shifts and crashing. This weekend, however, has one of those 11 hour beasts of a shift, and I’m not too sure how much I’ll have to write about come Monday. At least some interesting seasons are getting closer, as is our replacement vacation. I am refusing to do any planning until I’m sure this one won’t be cancelled on us.


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