Quick update

This weekend turned out to be a little lackluster. Matt’s home from training finally, but our local 4H fair was last week and weekend, and they put up a tent there and have the pull up bars up and the information cards- I’m sure you’ve seen the set up before. His boss is out of town and Matt’s his second in command. He had to be there both weekend days. Yesterday, it stormed like nobody’s business. We left the fair early, but it continued to rain and we stayed in. But I did get to go look at the sheep and goats. There were lots of very nice, big cows (hello, Wisconsin), but I really just want some sheep and goats. Matt thinks I’m nuts.

To top all that off, I worked an 11 hour day on Saturday, came home, and just went to bed. Even more topping? The power cable for my laptop finally bit it. At one point, the dog had chewed on it, plus Matt took it on a deployment or two. The entire laptop’s seen better days. Hopefully replacing the cord will solve the problem, because I’m on my tablet right now. I found the WordPress app, which works better than using WP in my browser, but typing on a virtual keyboard pretty much sucks. It also means I can only use my phone to take pictures, as it only has a micro SD card reader. But- I’m off today and tomorrow, thank goodness. If Matt can cut out a little early today (he is about to leave his current position, and his replacement is here), we’re going fishing. At least yesterday’s storm broke that horrible heat wave. The fish might actually come out of the deep water.


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