A Quiet, Solo Wednesday Night.

This weekend, Matt was going camping, come hell or high water. It turned out to be neither hell nor high water, but rather, my work schedule. When I submitted my availability for the month, I left this weekend blank, like I always do when I’d rather not work. Weekends are about the only time we see each other for more than 30 minutes.

All the weekdays had available hours, but I still got stuck with working Saturday and Sunday. It took me about a week to connect the dots that this week was the 4th of July, and it took Matt until last week to tell me that he got a full 96 (4 day weekend). The last two summers, he’d had to work most of the long weekend. The joys of recruiting.

So, I spent part of yesterday procuring food for him and part of today helping him get the camper packed, etc. He left this afternoon. I’ve been frantically emailing coworkers to trade shifts, and while I successfully traded away Saturday to work yesterday, my early morning shift on Sunday is proving a bit more difficult. The original taker of that shift had to work at a different job, and it’s requiring some acrobatics to get it covered in the wake of that. Oh the joys of food service. If I can end up wiggling out of Sunday, I’ll be driving up north to him late Friday night after the Fish Fry. We’ll come back fairly early on Sunday, as he has to work at 11. We’re planning to camp, fish, and go shooting. Clays and targets, and I have my bow and an archery target. After that, he’s gotta get packed to head out to training in Kansas City. If I can’t, I hang out till he comes home.

Anyhow. He left this afternoon, and I spent the rest of the day picking up after him and starting to wash clothes for his two week training. The house is back in order, the lawn is mostly back in order and mowed. I weeded my gardens and cleaned the pond. I also got to cook dinner.

It was a simple one- I started some small venison steaks in a marinade yesterday. A little bit of some Cabernet we had lying around, some olive oil, some marjoram, salt, pepper. Then I made foil packets of potatoes, and of the green beans and peas I harvest from my veggie garden on Sunday and today. It all went on the grill. While it cooked, I looked over my plants. Everything’s coming along well.

Except for the part where I’m missing out on fishing and camping up in the Northwoods.


6 thoughts on “A Quiet, Solo Wednesday Night.

  1. Lovely garden, is that corn on the cob I spy growing? Any tips I have tried two years running to grow corn, it comes up grows to about 2 inches then falls over and dies. Perhaps it doesn’t like my singing.

    • Yes, I have two kinds- Kandy Korn and Peaches and Cream. I don’t really know any tricks, but I start all my plants indoors well before the last frost. This year I started them in early April. Otherwise I just stick them in the ground 😛 I am from Illinois, the corn-growing flatlands. Maybe it just runs in my blood.

  2. There is nothing like being up in the north woods, but the colorful scenery you have there in the yard is pretty nice! I like to think, on those days I’m frustrated about not being out in the wilds, that grilling some venison is close enough (I guess). Better days will come.

    • I think I may have finally gotten my schedule figured out, but after this weekend and that wedding two weeks ago, I owe people major favors :P. I’m just excited to get somewhere and fish where there’s less pressure. My over active imagination pictures all of the fish in the Madison lakes as cynical, jaded creatures who’ve seen it all, with some serious ennui with our garish lures and amateur tactics. Maybe those country bumpkin muskie and pike will bite 🙂

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