Finally Getting Our Crap Together.

This weekend, not everything went according to plan. We nixed Summerfest and opted to go fishing instead. Thinking we had the Merc going again, we headed out onto Waubesa on Saturday afternoon. We got a little ways from the launch, and the motor started up on the second pull, only to chug and sputter out. Something was up with its sparkplug wire- it wouldn’t stay connected and the motor wouldn’t start.. We trolled and cast anyway. It was a weird day, weather-wise, but not unusual given this year. Lots of scattered thunderstorms. It would go from sunny to a windy downpour in a matter of minutes. Once we were on the water, though, it didn’t rain. The wind kicked up, nearly overpowering our poor little trolling motors.

For fishing Saturday, I had one solitary bite.

That night, Matt resolved to get a new outboard. Ok, so, it wouldn’t be new-new, but anything post-1949 would be a step up. Sunday morning, we somehow had the luck to find an estate sale going on less than a mile from our house. It was for a man who’d run a marine and outdoors repair/warehouse. I wish I’d taken some pictures, because my goodness. His son was cleaning out the warehouse before he had to return to Alaska. We didn’t even go all the way inside, but on top of having about 10 small fishing boats with trailers and motors, he had another 6 or so canoes, 5 outboards sans boat. Oh, and two sailboats; one that looked to be well over 35 feet- it required a big tri-axle trailer. There was also a horse drawn sleigh on top of a big shelf.

We took a little 3 horse Johnson motor. It’s a beautiful antique from the 50s. It also runs wonderfully. We took it out Sunday afternoon looking for muskie and pike. We saw a few of them jump, but no bites. We at least got the lures wet for the first time. Both days were quite windy, making for some good sized waves. Our little boat rocks a lot, and any waves make it difficult to stand and cast. It ends up being a mix of fishing and surfing.

Maybe we can make it out again on either a calmer day, or onto a protected bay. We also are looking at getting real trolling gear. Way easier than casting for predator fish. At any rate, we now have a working boat motor.


2 thoughts on “Finally Getting Our Crap Together.

  1. I love the new motor! We bought one like that last year that will eventually become part of a side table for our living room (which is exactly why we bought it), but Darrell keeps wanting to put it on the boat. Our is not in mint condition like yours though. What a find!

    • The price was right for us. Pretty sure a lot of people would flip out at us using such a nice antique, but $300 for an outboard, when we need one? Done and done.

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