Expect the Unexpected, Then Hurry Up and Wait.

Over the last few days, I’ve been contacting guide services down around Houston and Galveston, and corresponding with Andy over at Tremendous Whatnot about things to do in Texas. We’d crunched the numbers on gas (yikes the Durango sucks it down even when not towing a 47 year old camper), lodging between campgrounds and a hotel here or there, outlined what to do about both food to eat and how to get meat back north unspoiled, and planned on getting the Durango checked out for cross-country travel. We were going to use a camping trip over the weekend of the 4th as a scale test run on gas mileage, etc. I even had my boss front-load the month of July for my work hours, and I was planning on picking up a bunch of extra shifts to get a bit more cash.

Yesterday, it was pretty slow at work, and I was letting Matt know I was about to pick up a double to pitch in for trip money. He texted me “I think I just got fucjed” (that was really the typo in his text). I called him and was able to talk just long enough to find out that, somehow, someone at Command had messed up. His leave had been approved a week or two ago.The training course he has to take was scheduled for August, and had been solidified for at least two months, if not longer. However, he got the news yesterday that a screw up had been made; his leave had been cancelled, and the training course had been moved up to mid-July, partially covering the time his leave would have been in effect. He was furious.

He’ll find out today whether this is something that can get reversed without screwing him over for leave, or if someone else’s f-up means we can’t take this much-needed vacation- something neither of us has had in more than three years. If it ends up that we can’t, Matt still has to use his leave by October or lose it, but we’ll at least have a chance to save up a bit more for the trip. We’ll know for sure later today, and I’ll have to contact the guide services to get them to stop calling me. At least I hadn’t put down any deposits. I would like to say that after nearly three years of this particular assignment, nothing could faze me anymore- and not much does- but as soon as I say that with any conviction, they’ll find new and innovative ways.

As a good friend of mine, and fellow Marine Significant Other (she’s a wife, I’m not) says: Semper Gumby.


4 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected, Then Hurry Up and Wait.

    • Silver linings, I suppose. However, Matt’s a recruiter, and during that part of the year, they’re trying to get into schools to talk to kids and everything. We’re hoping pretty hard that he’ll still be able to get some leave around then.

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