More Forward Progress.

I mentioned yesterday that Matt got the trailer out from under the Ditch Boat. Since the Bagster was gone, we just shuffled around the camper, and pulled the boat forward onto the driveway. Saturday, before I left for home, we just blocked the Ditch Boat up again, and leap-frogged the trailer out. Basically, the original process in reverse.

DSCF5329 DSCF5331 DSCF5332

It’s pretty stable.  While I was gone Saturday and Sunday, he got in there and sanded down around the edges of all the holes he could find, so we have a smooth surface to patch from.

DSCF5341 DSCF5344 DSCF5346

Since we had a bum trailer for our fishing boat, and the trailer was newly out from under the Ditch Boat, Matt decided to use the engine hoist to re-position our john boat onto the only working trailer we have. I left for one night, and the man somehow had the engine hoist fall onto him as he maneuvered it back to the garage. It figures. But Sunday we had no issues getting the boat to and from the launch, even if it looks a little silly.

DSCF5339 DSCF5340


One thought on “More Forward Progress.

  1. It looks great inspite of my comments. Good job.

    Good site for more info – I’m thinking for the ditch boat you made a good decision

    Enjoying your blog – I married the “Book Reading, while I’m fishing” Suburbanite.

    37 years – Never did get her to move to Montana

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