Back in the Saddle, Er, Boat.

It’s been an odd few weeks. After the trailer tire went out on us at the end of May, we both couldn’t do much fishing, and couldn’t find a way to replace the tire. It sat in the driveway and we parked around it weird and tried to occupy ourselves. I’ve covered how we moved the busted trailer, got the Bagster out, and painted the camper. There was some further shuffling, which I’ll cover in detail tomorrow. But we got the trailer the Ditch Boat was on out from under it. While I was gone in Illinois visiting my mom, dad, sister, and meeting my nephew for the first time, Matt got the little boat onto that trailer. It looks a little goofy, as the trailer’s too big for the boat to say the least.

I got home yesterday evening, and we finally went out fishing. There’s still something up with the gas motor, sadly. We couldn’t have everything go right, I suppose. But we headed back out to Cherokee Marsh. It was a nice, warm night, even if there were a lot of bugs.

DSCF5333 DSCF5334 DSCF5335 DSCF5338


It was a really good night out. I wish we’d brought the video cameras. The catfish are spawning, we think. They were leaping clear out of the water, and thrashing around in the shallows and mud near the cattails on the bank. I hooked into another really big cat. It was around 14 pounds once we got it home and weighed it. I fought that thing for about 15 or 20 minutes. Matt had a medium sized cat on the line, until it wrapped around an anchor line and escaped. He had another probable catfish on the rod he set up for panfish- it only had two pound test on it, and the fish snapped it and ran. We had plenty of bites where the fish took the bait but dropped the hook. Matt also got his first snapping turtle.

One of my bobbers went under. It was a line with a small sucker on it. I started to reel it in, but it felt different and heavy, so I handed it over to Matt, while I got the big net ready. He thought I had managed to hook a submerged log. He got it up near the boat, still thinking it was a log. I scooped under it with a net and it was a good sized snapper; about 14 inches of shell, ugly, and angry hissing. It wasn’t even hooked, it had just clamped down on the bait fish so hard we were able to get it out of the water. It dropped the bait and hook once we lifted it out. It bent our heavy muskie net. We looked the turtle over in the net before releasing him. Turtle season doesn’t open in Wisconsin until July 15th. Any time I’d hooked a snapper before this, I’d either cut my line, or it had released the bait. Matt had never caught one. Once we got home, we cleaned my catfish, and began to search up and down for instructions on cleaning snappers.


2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle, Er, Boat.

  1. This reminds me why I don’t fish 🙂 We had five kids and all were two years apart or less. Taking them fishing was not a good experience. I spent all my time untangeling lines. My oldest now has 3 boys and they have a big retention pond behind their home. Of course the boys love to fish and it’s amazing how good they can cast. They would live out there if they could. The other day their dad (my oldest) told me now he understands why we didn’t fish.LOL Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

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