We Can’t Catch A Break

Ugh, this boat trailer. The bad luck continues- I finally got it in to a specialty rim/wheel warehouse to see if the hub or rim could be replaced. Within about 20 seconds of looking at it, the guy at the counter says the hub can’t be replaced. And the only 13 inch rims they have? Are for front-wheel drive cars. According to the warehouse guy, the lug studs are in wrong, and would cause the same amount of wobble, and blow the tire again. They’re only approximately the same size, as with everything else, because we couldn’t find exact matches to the ones we had. They won’t seat flush with the inside of the hub. Our only option for keeping this trailer now is to replace the entire axle, hubs, rims, and tires. For around $200. We paid about the same amount for this trailer. I told him that if we decided to go that route, that I’d order it by Friday.

Matt managed to push the boat and trailer out of the driveway and into the middle of the front yard. Now I can at least get the Bagster picked up, and we can shuffle things around. We’ll pull the big boat forward to block it up and patch the hull. Sadly, this means no bowfishing this weekend. We’re headed down to my home in Illinois so I can see my family, celebrate my sister’s birthday, and finally meet my nephew. We wanted to bowfish for Asian carp. Now we can’t.


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