One Project Down.

And just like that, the camper’s done being painted. I got spray paint today and painted the shutters and we put them back on.

DSCF5323 DSCF5324 DSCF5325 DSCF5326 DSCF5327 DSCF5328


I’m going to put the light covers back on tomorrow. I need to find something to un-fog the plastic on them. Besides that, my only idea is to try and paint the outlines of the branding decals. As it is, the paint lays on them a little funny. Plus, they pretty kitschy, neat things. The “TrailBlazer” logo is a pretty bad depiction of a Native American person, though. I may leave it off. But she is finally finished!


7 thoughts on “One Project Down.

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  2. Love the shutters – mind doesn’t have any 😦 Wonder if I can find some before I’m ready to tackle the exterior work – they do add so much to the appearance!

    • If you do find shutters, paint the outside of it and paint the shutters before you attach them. Less taping to do then :P. I’m not sure where would be good to look. Mine had shutters on it already. Maybe a scrapyard or Craigslist?

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