The Camper’s Painted!

Matt told me Friday night that he planned to start painting the camper today. So, while I was at work for twelve hours, he did just that. I got a text around 6:30 telling me he’d gotten pretty much all of it painted. I got home a little before 8 and it looked great. Time for a before and after.

The camper way back when we got it late last summer.

The camper way back when we got it late last summer.

A lovely glossy white.

A lovely glossy white.

We’d assumed it would be exterior house paint on the aluminum of the camper. I found this paint bucket on the porch, though, so maybe it didn’t go according to plan? I’m not sure, as Matt isn’t home yet and has some work-related activities going on, and I doubt he could answer his phone.


So, for the camper that leaves painting the little decorative shutters, and it’s finished! I think I’m going to get some glossy spray paint and make them a green to match both the interior of the camper itself, as well as the Ditch Boat and our little fishing boat.



4 thoughts on “The Camper’s Painted!

    • Yeah, once he got home, he told me the paint counter guy had told him the same thing. This is enamel for farm implements, and it’s some sticky stuff.

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