Took a few days off.

I sort of fell off the map this week. The radio silence was due to the fact that we spent a few days and nights up in the Wisconsin Dells. I took my tablet, but it doesn’t play well with WordPress for some reason. We got some pretty good rates on a room at The Wilderness Resort, and we got to go to a Brewers game and sit on the club level. Pretty neat even though I’m a Cubs fan. The weather was cold, overcast, and rainy. We didn’t go to any of the outdoor waterparks, but we did visit the indoor ones. It was fun.

Anyhow. We’re back in town this morning. I’m not completely sure what’s on the docket for today or this weekend. I work tonight and tomorrow, and Matt has to work a little bit on both Saturday and Sunday. We’ll probably continue the hunt for boat trailer hubs. We have a few new ideas now. When Matt was at the golf outing last Saturday, he met the manager of a tire and wheel place up in DeForest. My boss out at the golf course recommended a marine retailer over in Lake Mills as well. So we’ve got two more to try. Given enough time today, we might make it over there. Otherwise, we might go and give Black Earth creek another go, or try shore fishing in Madison. Otherwise, I suppose we could take out our leaky canoe.


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