Wild Food: Grilled Venison Tacos

To make up for this weekend’s mishap with the venison burgers, I decided I was making some sort of venison something tonight. On top of that, I have to be at work pretty dang early tomorrow, so I wanted something to post late this evening. Midway through my lunch shift, it hit me. Venison tacos. On the grill.

Whenever we were butchering up our deer quarters, I took a couple parts of all 4 haunches and butterflied them out as thinly as I could, so that it was something akin to flank steak. Now, this is way more tender than flank steak, but I had something exactly like this in mind.

I ran to the store to get the fixings for tacos. I made the cashier and the lady in line behind me extremely hungry. Once I got home, I got my marinade together

That is, zest and juice of one lime, olive oil, garlic, cumin, salt, red pepper flakes, paprika, dried pasilla peppers

That is, zest and juice of one lime, olive oil, garlic, cumin, salt, red pepper flakes, paprika, dried pasilla peppers, and oregano.


Like I’ve mentioned, I only measure when I’m baking. But it was a healthy dose of all the seasonings and spices. I also made two foil packets. One was corn- I used a can of DelMonte SummerCrisp, which I like because it’s packed in very little water. I mixed the corn with paprika, cumin, butter, garlic, and red pepper. The other was just a can of refried black beans. I think they go better with venison, and I use them when I make venison chili. I rubbed the venison down with the marinade, and let it do its thing. Then I lit the grill and scrounged up a margarita.



While I was letting the foil packets steam away, and the meat marinade, Matt called to tell me he’d be later getting home than expected. I told him I’d save a plate, but it was too late to turn back now. Once the coals were good and hot, I slapped the meat on, careful not to leave it unattended within canine reach.

DSCF5308 DSCF5309


When everything had cooked as much as I wanted it, I removed it from the heat, and took it to the safety of the kitchen counter. The corn turned out exceptionally, if spicy. DSCF5313 DSCF5315

A very nice medium.

A very nice medium.

Now, I’m lactose intolerant (and yes, yes, I live in Wisconsin, it’s weird). A great cheese sub is avocado, which I can eat plain with a spoon. I piled my taco fillings on a plate, and took that and the corn tortillas back outside to the grill. Then I put the tortillas over the coals. After that is was merely the natural progression of such things. 


Taco one

Taco one

Taco Three. I was a little too busy to photograph taco two. Taco four was an afterthought.

Taco Three. I was a little too busy to photograph Taco Two. Taco Four was an afterthought.




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