Fun With Vintage Wiring and Possibly Transistors. Maybe Vacuum Tubes.

Just a quick blurb this evening. I got into the boat on my own today to do a bit of work. After spending most of the afternoon digging holes, putting flowers into them, and getting a sunburn, I decided to take on that wiring harness.


That is the back side of the console. Yikes, right? Most of that rat’s nest went toward the rear of the boat, I assume to the battery. They were all bundled like this.


In old zip ties and old electrical tape. With apparently random splices and changes of wire color.  And wires woven around each other. Whatever electrician did this was certainly whimsical.  I got roughly half of the wires snipped and labelled. Mostly, it was the easy ones running to lights, the horn, windshield wipers. However, I was racing against this, and sunset.

It looked much more ominous in person.

It looked much more ominous in person.

And I was losing. I got inside just as it began to rain. Anyways, my plan is to snip the wires near the console, flag them with a masking tape/Sharpie label stating what they run to. And then I flag them further up the circuit, close to where they connect to the device, since that’s where the label will stay fairly sheltered.  For examples, I labelled two exterior lights, two interior lights, the horn, windshield wipers, and the engine temp gauge. We figure that when it comes time to re-wire, whether we use the old console or not, we can splice everything back together. The previous electrician certainly did so with reckless abandon. Oh, the 70s.

Since the storm brought premature darkness, I plan to move along to the much, much more complicated wiring of the switches and gauges tomorrow. Once we pull the electrical that is just dangling with the console, we can hose out the old fiberglass dust and make the boat much less itchy over all.


What do you think?

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