Bug Spray and Boat Guts.

I got home from a short lunch shift yesterday, and I had a to-do list that seemed a mile long. After checking up here on WordPress, I headed outside to get the rest of that vinyl out of the boat.

I knew it would be a short one. The glue was old and I only really had to get in there and pull and cut. And it was going really well. But then I found the rest of the ants. And some beetles. And at least one tick and a lot of spiders. Gross, so I ran over to Menards to pick up some spray. I then hosed down the entire front of the boat.


After I massacred all the bugs I saw, I made quick work of the rest of that vinyl.SAMSUNG SAMSUNG

After that I went inside to wash my hands and throw a marinade on some venison I was thawing. I realized yesterday morning I hadn’t cooked in nearly a month. So, the venison just got some simple salt, pepper, and olive oil. I was planning on grilling it. Once that was set, I got some of my potted flowers in and hung on the porch. I also carried a lot of the wet foam and old fiberglass pieces we tossed over the side up to the Bagster. I talked to my dad for a while about that engine, and found out he has a 3 day weekend for Memorial Day. I’m still working on him to come up for it (Hi Dad!).

By then it was about the time Matt said he’d be home, so I got the grill started, and put on the potatoes. He walked in the door shortly thereafter and did a bit more of the work needed to have the boat gutted. Those ledges are now out, and we just have to sand down the rough edges.


He also crawled under the boat to take a look at the exterior damage. And we may have found part of the reason this boat was given to the people we got it from in the first place.


This is only part of the crack.

This is only part of the crack.

That crack is probably almost 12 inches long. Luckily, as Matt likes to say, he can totally fix that.  But, now she is mostly gutted. We have to clean out the debris, and sand down the rough edges and spots of bad fiberglass, and we can get the interior going again. Matt wants to be glassing the inside by the middle of next month. When he goes to do the outside of the hull, we’ll pull it forward so that it’s not such a tight squeeze. That way, we can get the jacks under it and the engine hoist can maneuver around. We plan to put it back up on blocks to get the underside done. Maybe by then we will have found a dual axle trailer. Even with all the wet, heavy garbage out of it, it still is low. Just not as low on the trailer. But I have a feeling putting the interior back together will go much, much more slowly than pulling out all the bad.


2 thoughts on “Bug Spray and Boat Guts.

    • Dad wasn’t able to make it up over the holiday weekend, unfortunately. But he’s been calling to check up on the engine. Sunday was my birthday, and that was about all we talked about in the phone. His advice so far has been to just go though and replace every gasket we can while it’s still out of the boat. And spark plugs, and anything else that would be hard to get at when the engine is mounted. He still wants to come work on it, but we may wait until we finish the interior of the boat and have the engine hooked back up. Till then, its asking his advice, googling manuals, and searching YouTube for tutorials. I’m getting ready to write a post on the whole deal.

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