Weekend Plans

In spite of turkey season ending, May is a very busy month for us, and we have another busy weekend ahead of us. Part of the weekend is yet another work function Matt and I have to attend. It’s a pretty fancy cocktail dinner event, and there will be at least two generals in attendance, one a former Joint Chief of Staff. I still haven’t found out what the dress code is, and I haven’t found a dress I like anywhere nearby, which is making me pretty crabby.

So, we’ll be getting a hotel down in Milwaukee, but Sunday we plan to finally fish for salmon on the Root River in Racine. We’ve been hoping to get that done for two months. Now that the flooding is done, we can give it a shot since we’ll be closer to Racine anyway.

I’m excited both to get fancy and to try and catch some fish. Semi formal attire one day, worn out jeans, fly rod, and hip waders the next. We’re versatile people.


What do you think?

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