Friday Morning Turkey Report.

So, it worked out that the one day I had off this week to go and sit out solo before the weekend, it rained literally all day long. I still went out, because it wasn’t a down pour, and I managed to sit for about two and a half hours. I also managed to forget any rain gear right by the door. So, once I was shivering and my lips were a bit blue, I decided to call it. Still haven’t heard a gobble. I saw what looked to be two hens in the feed plot this land parcel keeps at the front.

Matt and I may try again tonight, and I might try to sit on that feed plot. Once it gets to be the weekend and we both have days off, we can finally get out in the morning. We’re also hoping to try someplace other than Sunny Slope. Much as we love it there, and it’s close by, I don’t think there are any toms left out there.


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