Engine: Pulled.

Monday night, I left work around 10:30 and headed home. Earlier that day, Matt told me he planned to get the boat motor over the side of the boat and into the garage. I had just said that he needed to make sure he had someone else there with him to call the ambulance in case he was crushed by a big old engine.

I arrived at home a little before 11pm, and his buddy Bill’s truck is parked out front. That was good, at least. I put down my purse, change out of my work clothes, and head out the the garage. He managed to do it!


Now it was just a matter of getting the engine mounted to the engine stand. Easier said than done. The stand only came with two bolts, and they managed to be both too thick and too short, even after removing the gear cover on the rear of the engine. But the guys definitely tried.


In the end, it was late and they decided to save it for another day. We’ve got plenty of time to work on the thing. No deadlines other than those we set.

If you’re interested in the story of this boat and its engine, check out the “What did I get myself into” tag. The story can be found there. Someday I’ll make it its own page.


3 thoughts on “Engine: Pulled.

    • I’m glad you like it đŸ™‚ Getting this thing to the house gave me gray hairs, I swear. We’re hoping to try to gut it once turkey season is done.

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