We’re Really Good at Filling Up a Weekend

This weekend was a busy one at Play Outdoors central. The weather gets nice, and suddenly the guy I could barely drag off the couch since deer season is bouncing off the walls and flitting from neglected project to neglected project. What with getting the boat home Friday evening, and spending time both Saturday and Sunday working on it, one would think we wouldn’t have had time to do anything else. We got some yard work done, though. Planted some apple trees, and I got pallets and the rest of the makings for those pallet gardens you see all over Pinterest. We also tried to get our little fishing boat back, but somehow Discount Tire gave me the wrong info when they said they had the tire on Friday. Hopefully it will be in today, because Matt and I both very badly want to bowfish, and I really want to make a post on it.

Saturday afternoon, we brushed off all the flaking, old paint on our camper in preparation for finally painting the old girl.


DSCF5107 DSCF5109

We used steel wool to brush off what’s left of the paint on the aluminum. I’ll take some Goo Gone to the pine tar, but a lot of that turned out to be honest to goodness roofing tar. We’ll leave that. It’s obviously there for a reason.

Sunday morning/early afternoon, we went trout fishing on Black Earth Creek. We saw trout darting here and there in the water, but it was my first time using spinnerbait, and only Matt’s second time out for trout. His only advice to me was “Don’t let the lure touch the bottom”. I learned the hard way to be glad for my waders. We worked up the banks in opposite directions for a little while. I found a nice wide area, and Matt came to practice with his fly rod. I caught a lot of sticks, some rocks, and quite the sun burn on my arms and chest. However, I think I found a new happy place. I’ll leave some pictures in lieu of words.

DSCF5113 DSCF5117 DSCF5118 DSCF5119 DSCF5121


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