We’re Looking at a Busy Week Around Here.

So, I’m making a quick note here that I’m queuing up some content to be posted over the next couple days. I’ll have another post up tomorrow morning about the rest of last weekend, and I might make a couple quick posts on the progress with lifting the engine. My turkey tags start on Wednesday, and my work schedule for the weekdays is centered around trying to hunt evenings on Wednesday and Friday, and morning hunts for Thursday, the weekend, and Monday and Tuesday of the next week.

However, I work all day today, all afternoon and evening tomorrow, from 7am-2 on Wednesday and Friday. Plus, I need to get my garden in, and someone has to do laundry, dishes, yardwork, grocery shopping and housecleaning here. And cook dinners. I also hope to tape off the windows and so forth on the camper so Matt can paint it, since we’re going to have nice weather for most of this week. That will be one long project finished and out of the way, at least.

Plus, this month is usually a busy one for Matt. But by the end of the week I’ll have a preliminary post on the first bit of turkey hunting. We contacted the guy who offered to let Matt hunt his land, and we’ll set up some times with him. We’ll also be hunting out at Sunny Slope, or Goose Lake. I may even be going out on my own on a couple of the days, as Matt has work functions.


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