Fishing Season Opens Tomorrow! And Matt Doesn’t Know How to Quit.


The weather forecast for today? Rain, all day. High of about 49. What’s Matt hoping to do afternoon? Try again to get that 20 footer off the blocks (we got it out of the ditch) and onto a trailer. He’s just too stubborn to admit defeat. Plus, at least two of his friends over the last week asked about that thing- I  think they were interested in having friends with a nice, big boat. We were interested in being the friends with the nice, big boat. Though, if he succeeds today, and we can grind out the work that thing needs, I might have an idea of what I want to do for my birthday on the 26th. It will be my golden birthday, after all. (Hint- it’s a salmon trip, possibly with my childhood bestie and her hubs driving up from the Quad Cities).

The motor will be the first thing that needs work (besides, like. the floor of the thing). According to my dad, a mechanic whiz who identified the motor from a cell phone picture, it’s got an 8 cylinder Ford small block engine. They say the carburetor needs rebuilt. But the last registration sticker on it is from 1992. I was in kindergarten the last time this boat was legally able to be on the water. I would be willing to bet that it needs more than that. Sitting is the worst thing an engine can do, and I sorely wish my dad lived closer. The man once rebuilt a 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit from an empty chassis, and engine parts in various coffee cans. He also maintained his small fleet of service trucks and dump trucks for his old tree service. They were all from the 60s and 70s. Matt will figure it out, but I also know my dad lives for things like this. His idea of a fun project was putting a Chevy small block into the engine cavity of a small Toyota pickup.


Matt plans to pick up a lot more cinder blocks, and a canister jack to make this whole deal work. I work from 10-3 today, so I’ll get to watch the whole process. I hope his ingenuity pulls through on this one.

In other news- Discount Tire got in my wheel. We’ll pick it up this afternoon as well, so that we at least have our little boat. Fishing season opens tomorrow! My goals for this year? There are a couple. For sure to catch my first Northern. I’d also like to catch a muskie and a walleye. These are Wisconsin rites of passage, and here I am, a FIB*, trying to be an outdoorswoman here, not having done these things. We can troll in Madison’s lakes, and Matt’s been slowly buying spoons and muskie lures.

*If you have to ask, FIB is a not-nice nickname for Illinois folk in Wisconsin. I tell them all the time, though, that the way they think of Illinoisans, is the way we down-staters think of Chicago and Chicago Suburbs folk.


13 thoughts on “Fishing Season Opens Tomorrow! And Matt Doesn’t Know How to Quit.

  1. Be sure to post pictures of getting it on the trailer! I think I’m becoming obsessed with your boat story now. I can’t wait for the next step in the story! lol

    • Thanks for piping up, and stopping by! This boat thing really has been a slog, hasn’t it? Matt’s current plan has to do with sort of scootching the trailer under the boat, foot by foot, with cinder blocks, jacks, and a lot of elbow grease. I’m taking my digital camera with me today to get better pictures. Last weekend, we had basically given up, and Matt did too, for maybe 12 hours. But when his buddy M called up, and asked about the boat, you could see the determination re-enter his eyes. If we do end up getting this thing, it will not have been really free, but we’ll have one hell of a story to go with it.

  2. I’m intrigued by your status as FIB. First I one I’ve run across. Probably a joke in their somewhere. I have a buddy from Wisc and will have to run the term by him. That motor might be salvageable. I restored a little 20hp Johnson my great granddad used in the 60s. Of course, your boat’s is a tad bigger.

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