Just a Normal Day at Play Outdoors Central

This morning, I was proud of myself. I got my butt out the door and towards the gym around 9:30. This is a plus as the time had slipped from 8 or 9 am a few months ago to 10:30 lately if I was lucky. However, my packing up of running shorts and shoes was interrupted. Matt called me from Gander Mountain, telling me I had to get up there ASAP. It was urgent. They had .556 in, and had a one-box-per-person limit. He had already bought one. “Fine”, I grumbled, and changed directions to go buy Matt bullets for his gun. I’ll be glad when the uproar over this stuff dies down.

He also informed me today that he still intends to get that boat. He is literally incapable of admitting defeat or fully conceptualizing failure. He’s got a re-vamped game plan, and assures me this time he’ll really, actually get it out of that yard in Arena, without spending a fortune in equipment. We’ll see how that goes. I got roped into helping again on Friday afternoon.

Edited to add: Matt even made a power point of his materials list and the process he plans to use to get this done. It looks solid so far.


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