We Take the Bad with the Good. And Catfish.

Yesterday, after posting about our dismal failure on Saturday, I mentioned we were taking the boat out. We packed up our tackle, poles, some waders, a few drinks, minnows, everything we needed, and headed on up to our favorite boat launch on Cherokee Marsh. We wanted to test out the motor and batteries on a smaller body of water.

We got the boat in the water, no problems. We even remembered the bung, which has been an issue for us in the past. The batteries and trolling motors worked great, and the outboard even started on the first pull. Which, for an old Mercury from 1949 that sat empty all winter, is a big deal. It ran ok, though we mixed the fuel entirely too rich. We couldn’t math with fractions yesterday. We cut off the outboard and trolled to a spot towards the center of the marsh, near the bank.

In Summer and Fall, this part of the marsh is filled with water lilies.

In Summer and Fall, this part of the marsh is filled with water lilies.

We were sitting for maybe 30 minutes, until. Well. I’ll let this video tell the rest of the story.

Fishing season opens up next Saturday, the 4th. We can catch and keep catfish and panfish year-round.

We had planned on doing some line fishing and testing the motors here on Cherokee, and then heading down to work the northern shore of Lake Waubesa with the generator and lights. We’d hoped the water would be clear enough to do some bowfishing. However, it was not to be. Remember how happy I was that we had fixed the trailer tire? Unfortunately, there must have been some damage to the rim that the tire techs didn’t see. We were headed down towards Waubesa, and we had a blow out on an overpass. We limped it down the exit ramp and into a parking lot (again), and took out everything that wasn’t bolted down.

I spent a good hour and a half early this morning calling to tire shops all around Madison. I finally found one over on the west side that carries both the rims and tires we would need for our trailer. A new rim and tire, mounted and balanced, will run me about $105. I planned to pick it up after my quick lunch shift at the mediocre bar job I have, since I had this evening off at the golf course. I sat down to cut that video before work, when I got a phone call. Surprise day off! So, the video got edited, this post got written, and I’m going to clean up the house really quick-like before I run to the other end of town to get this tire, so Matt can put it on the trailer when he has a break this afternoon. But instead of focusing on the negative, here’s a picture of me holding my biggest catfish from yesterday. A 17 pounder. The other was 12 pounds.


Disregard my messy kitchen.


They both got filleted up and stuck in the freezer. They’ll be grilled or fried at some point. We smoked the remainder of the carcasses for the dogs, as they have a deep, abiding love for fish parts. Also, they’ll dig them out of the garbage and make a huge mess, so it’s easier to just give it to them up front.


10 thoughts on “We Take the Bad with the Good. And Catfish.

  1. You both sound excited! Its always a trill to catch your food :P. You know what type of catfish you caught? I can’t but dreaming about those “monster type” catfish. You know what size they grow in your lake?

    • These are channel catfish: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanaalmeerval. We get two types in this part of Wisconsin, channel catfish and bullhead. All of the big ones we’ve gotten in this lake were channel. I know somebody who caught a 35 pound catfish in this lake last summer. I think that’s about 17 kilos. But they get really huge. Near my hometown, people would catch meter-and-a-half fish in rivers. And yes- this is the first fish I had caught since last summer, I was very excited 🙂

  2. LOL if I had been catching something like that I would have been thrilled to land a catfish! Congrats! A friend of mine has been catching huge channel catfish lately and says they put up a great fight.

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