This post is sort of a catch-all.

I went and did the tire thing today, only to get back to the house and realize they gave me a 5-lug-pattern rim, when I told them I needed a 4-lug-pattern. I should have noticed it at the tire place, but they also should have gotten it right the first time. They’re willing to do an exchange for the rim I need, and are shipping it in from Illinois or Minnesota. It should be here in two days or so. At least I don’t have to call up a flatbed like last fall.

Secondly. When I was editing the video from this morning and writing up that post, I looked up from my laptop to see this out my front window, strolling from the Nosy Neighbor’s yard into my own front yard.



Now, neither of those photos are of my front yard, as I went and got too excited trying to take a picture, and scared her away. I walked to the front door, and she scuttled across the street to that driveway, and then to that gravel lot. Mind you, we live in Madison. Technically, we’re on a more north-eastern edge, but there’s a few blocks, an airport, and an Air National Guard installation between us and The Country. Saturday a mating pair of mallards hunkered down in the grass up there (I fed them some bread),  and two weeks ago, Matt saw a small herd of deer in our front yard around midnight when he got home. This place is a damn zoo.

Third-  I completely forgot to mention that Sunday morning we attempted to coyote hunt some more. We saw 0 coyotes, but Matt used his ghillie suit (he looked like a grassy hump), and I used my leaf poncho (I looked like a pile of raked leaves with a face). Sitting on a hilltop on a warm, sunny Spring morning is not a bad way to pass the time. We even saw a turkey- a hen walked across a field at the bottom of the hill. Most of the turkey we see there are in fairly small groups, or by themselves.  Saturday night we drowned our sorrows, and we got advice on where to hunt turkeys. Some people Matt knows  through work, and who come into the bar I work at, even drew us a little map of a nice piece of public land near Wyocena. Our turkey tags are (seriously) for next week. How time flies!


6 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Keep me posted on your turkey progress. We haven’t gotten a turkey in a few years. I’d love to have a couple in the freezer. Have you eaten wild turkey before? Good stuff. We had a pheasant in our front yard once when we lived in the Texas Panhandle. I was snapping pictures like crazy. I didn’t have a good camera then, though and didn’t get any good pics.

    • One of the other Marines in Matt’s office has his turkey tags for this week, I believe (they go Wednesday-Tuesday). Matt wants to go sit with him, as that guy has gone for turkey before. I’ve never had wild turkey (the meat, not the whisky) before, but I already have plans for the smoker. I spoke to my grandad, who is from east Texas, and he tells me to deep-fry it in peanut oil like he does the Thanksgiving turkey every year.

      We have pheasants out the ying back home in Illinois, though not as many here in Wisconsin (that I’ve seen anyway). The silly things run across the road all the time. A lodge in a state park near home (Starved Rock SP) serves a take on shepherd’s pie called Gamekeeper’s Pie made with pheasant, quail, duck, and grouse. And wild parsnips. To die for.

      • East Texas! We lived in Houston and Huntsville for 12 years. It’s a whole ‘nuther world out there. But the Piney Woods are so beautiful! Regarding the Gamekeeper’s Pie… it sounds like it’s right up my alley! Any chance of getting the recipe from them?

    • We both hunt deer with our bows, as the season for it is so long, it gives us and our lack of time off a better chance to get out more places than the two or so weeks of gun season. My turkey tags are for bow or gun, hunter’s choice. However, we haven’t done it with the ghillie or poncho yet, just regular old camo clothes in a blind or a tree stand.

      Matt bought his ghillie suit at Gander Mountain, and I have the leaf poncho as Gander ran out of ghillies, plus it’s tough to find ones that will fit me. Looking over your post on how to make them has been interesting! Matt even has some old tri-color cammies, as he went into the Corps before digicams were around. We’re not too sure yet how his suit will hold up- it’s pretty lightweight and made to go over other camo clothing. The shaggy parts of it look to be cotton twine maybe. If you didn’t see it, I have pictures (and video of the dogs freaking out!) here: https://playoutdoorsblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/dispatches-from-matts-toybox-2/

      Also- if you ever make it to Wisconsin, Matt’s grandpa has land bordering the Nicolet National forest, plus we have loads of public land. It’s lovely up here, and if I remember Oklahoma accurately, much cooler.

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