If You Lived Next Door to Me, You Might Be Annoyed, Too.

In the ongoing saga of the newest moneypit timesink fun project to arrive at Play Outdoors central, Matt picked up the trailer from Illinois last night.


I wasn’t able to get out of my shift at work last night, and I wasn’t even able to cut out early. People coming off the golf course really wanted to drink. Anyhow, it’s adjustable, and the reason it appear to be cleft in twain is that Matt discovered last night that adjusting the length of the trailer is a two person job.

Apparently, our local Nosy Neighbor, who generally spectates our activities and goings-on with dismay, was not thrilled with the acquisitions he could see over the hedges. He asked Matt about our upgrade, and when Matt said I told him to get rid of something in exchange for the Ditch Boat, Neighbor suggested we scrap the camper! Neighbor really likes things to look neat and orderly, and we suspect he thinks the camper is an eyesore. Matt hopes to get the camper to a car wash this weekend. A car wash with the brushes to get the pine tar off, so we can think about maybe painting it. Normally, we would brush off what Neighbor thinks until cited by the city, but Neighbor was an alderman for years, and has lived in the house next to ours since the 60s. He knows the ins and outs of municipal code like nobody’s bidness, and will not hesitate to call the appropriate authorities. I keep things friendly with this guy and his wife, and they seem to know most of the wild stuff-getting is done by Matt, but it would be good to not get a notice from the city.

That was a tangent. Now that he has a proper trailer of the correct length, Matt is going to get Ditch Boat tonight. After we left Arena on Tuesday, the lady who facilitated all this texted Matt a picture- her husband had found his towing strap shortly after we left, and had tugged the boat halfway out of the ditch. This is a plus, but Matt still plans to round up more than one person to go help him. Unfortunately, I won’t be around to document it, as I have to work (again). I fully expect a boat in the middle of the front yard when I get home late tonight.


4 thoughts on “If You Lived Next Door to Me, You Might Be Annoyed, Too.

    • If only! We’ve got a little pop-up shed that we got a year or so ago to shelter Matt’s motorcycle, and some other random yard stuff. It might fit some of the stuff. But with the way our house sits on the property, we’ll have to play Musical Vehicles to get anything out, as they have to be lined up along the house.

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