Two Important Updates.

Two updates here. First, we finally got the boat trailer fixed! We have a functional boat and trailer for the first time since November.



Jacking the trailer up.

Jacking the trailer up.


Now is where I admit that the pre-mounted tires we bought to replace it were just a hair too big. We returned them to Farm and Fleet, and took the old rim in to a tire store. They removed the shreds of the old tire (after laughing at with us) and mounted a new tire onto the rim in about 15 minutes. We probably should have done that from the get go. Putting it back on, we noticed the fender was bent. We had to straighten it out.




The second update- we found a boat trailer for when Matt drags home the 20 foot ditch boat! Admittedly, it’s down in Round Lake Park, IL.  But, it’s a good $200- 300 cheaper than anything we found nearby. Matt’s going to pick it up tomorrow. I have to work, and probably can’t get off to accompany him. This way, we’ll have it for when he goes to get it on Friday.


2 thoughts on “Two Important Updates.

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