Slow Weekend #2

Another slow weekend at our place. Saturday was the first sunny day we’d had in over two weeks, but it was below 50 degrees. I picked up an extra shift as a favor for somebody at work, so we didn’t do much of anything during the day. Today (Sunday), was snowy/rainy/chilly in the morning, and cleared up in the afternoon. We ran some errands in the early afternoon. We priced tires for the boat trailer, and I picked up some more seeds for my garden. This is what my south-facing front window looks like.

Until mid-May.

Until mid-May.

After all that, we tried some more fishing. Without looking for anymore bank fishing spots, we had to go back to the bridge from last week. We tried a small dock on the opposite side we used last week. It was windy and chilly, but the water was down considerably from what I’d seen driving past earlier this week. We plunked our lines in and waited.


We saw a couple carloads of other anglers come and go. We didn’t pull anything out, and neither did they. We didn’t stick around too long- the wind was more or less in our faces, and with nothing biting, repeatedly re-positioning the lines didn’t seem worth it.

Fishing season for everything opens back up in about a week and a half, which is generally after most fish spawn up here. We’re wondering exactly how that will work out for fishing this summer, if the low water temps have messed with the spawn with how cold and wet this Spring has been. The Madison chain of lakes has wonky fishing already. I’ve been hearing that the steelhead runs have been washed out with the floods.  We’re still hoping to make it down to fish the Root River anyhow- probably in mid-May after our turkey tags are up, on a weekend when we have to be down in Milwaukee anyway.

Speaking of turkey tags- our tags start May 8th and go through the 14th. I’ve already put in my work availability for May, and it’s structured around hunting in the evening for that week. My boss was 100% OK with it, which is fantastic. We’re still needing one more bit of land to hunt. However, Matt has a line on a possible area from his LakeLink membership. Someone on that forum offered to let veterans hunt his land for free. Hopefully we hear back from them. We’re finally getting to part of the year where we aren’t twiddling our thumbs, waiting for things to get going. If we can get the boat trailer back together, we can try to go bowfishing next weekend.


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