Daily Prompt: The Million Dollar Question.

Today, the Daily Prompt was something that wouldn’t seem wholly out of place at this blog. Why do I blog?

My About the Blog page has the short answer version of this part. I had been sitting in my blind all Fall, whether for waterfowl or deer, and it had been slowly creeping up on me each day. I should be doing something with all this activity. I did some casual investigating  googling for outdoors blogs by women or by couples. At the time, I didn’t find many (I have since found a good handful more here on WordPress). One day, sitting in the passenger seat of Matt’s truck, I told him I was thinking about writing. He jumped all over the idea, admittedly because his immediate idea was that we/he would immediately become Internet Famous, and either get to test out (and keep) awesome equipment, or get a TV show. I had to throw water on that idea (and still have to, occasionally), as the only bloggers I know who achieved that had been blogging for years, and are way better photographers than I. Like Ree Drummond. He still hopes this will happen. I tell him we’ll need way nicer equipment and better skillz.

A longer, more personal answer, however, is that when I started this blog, I was working at one restaurant job I don’t care much about (I still have it), and one office job I hated (I left back in February). My boss at the office made me feel stupid almost every day. She had repeatedly questioned my intelligence. She marveled that I had attended college, and that I managed to transfer in to UW-Madison. When I mentioned I had dropped out a few years ago, she assumed out loud it was grades and poor time management (it was money, my GPA was about 3.7). She treated my hunting and fishing hobbies as if it made me an illiterate barbarian. Besides the things she said about me, there were hundreds of little non-vocal things. I needed something creative or intellectual. I needed to not feel stupid. I was actually beginning to believe I was, after only 2 or 3 months there.

When I had still been in college at NIU, I had loved writing. Whether for my one English pre-req, my 25 page political science term papers (history and integration of the European Union and Eurozone, woo!), my German classes, my Russian classes, the classes for my international development minor. I took a 6-credit class through UW-Madison in Fall 2011 that was taught entirely in German. I still loved multiple page German papers (even though I did not care for Kafka’s Metamorphosis). According to my professors, I’m pretty good at it. I like to think I’m not a terrible writer.

Without college classes as a framework, blogging seems to me like the best way to get that done, even if it’s non-fiction, informal essays about what my boyfriend and I did this weekend, or what I cooked last night (more on that coming up).  I halfway hope writing this, even with self editing, makes me a better essayist. On top of that, I like reading what other outdoorswomen (and men) put out there. I like being outside, I like to talk about it, and the girls I bartend with probably get a little sick of hearing it. Hunting may not be popular or well-liked everywhere, but it’s an important tradition to me, and my region of the US. Conservation is also important to me.  I’m one more (small) voice speaking for the trees, lakes, hills, and animals.

On top of all that: we screw up a lot. I laugh about it, and hopefully so does everyone else. After the obligatory forehead slap following our glaringly obvious mistakes.

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Million Dollar Question.

    • Hi David- In my two About pages, I mention that my parents (my dad especially) got me into outdoors stuff. After living around a lot of city kids who avoid mud, and one college boyfriend who avoided sunlight (I’m a ginger and I don’t even do that!), Matt really brought it back out in me. However, you’re right. That’s a good post idea. I’ll keep it in my back pocket in case of a boring day off where I have an itch to write, or another slow weekend. Thank you for the idea 🙂

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    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I’m glad they’re enjoyable. I’ll think better of my writing once we get out and do something besides scout and fix things, though.

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