PlayOutdoors, Now with more blurbs!


It turns out that, as a blogger, I’ve got something resembling stage fright. Thing is, I am A-OK with total strangers reading this thing. But not people I actually know. So, in trying to force myself to share this thing to Facebook so people like my mom and dad can gush over it (maybe next week?), I’m taking baby steps. Today’s baby step was plunging into the wide, wide world of Twitter!

Since I frequently find stuff I’d like to share as it relates to my hobbies, but which I see while not close to a computer, or which would be a short blog post, expect pictures, links, and the like. Maybe I can get some more people looking at our adventures, since I seem to enjoy writing here so much. Either way, it should be fun!



3 thoughts on “PlayOutdoors, Now with more blurbs!

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