Reupholstery: Finished

I finished sewing the cushions today. These are two that go around the table/bed section of the camper.

Finished cushions

Finished cushions

They’re a bit baggy for two reasons. First, when I did the first batch of cushions, a few of them ripped around the zippers and seams when I was stuffing the foam into the covers. Second, I went and threw away the zippers I had saved from the original upholstery for these two. So, I just made four little tie straps per cushion to tie the back sides shut. I really wish I would have done that with the first, what, 12 cushions last year. It would have made closing them up loads easier. Like with most projects around here, I’m just happy to be done. My sewing machine doesn’t function as well as it should, and my patience was wearing quite thin, even after a dinner break.


5 thoughts on “Reupholstery: Finished

  1. Nice work. I’m jealous you have the perseverance to make projects like this. Where and how might you obtain the foam? Upholstering is definitely on my list of things to do as an accent to wooden furniture. Keep at it!

  2. Hi WillandMegan! The foam I used here is actually the same foam that was in the camper when we got it. This meant we had to really air it out. We sprayed them down with the hose, then I sprinkled baking soda on it and left it to sit in the sun late last summer when we originally got it. I had wanted to replace it all, but didn’t quite have the funds to do that and buy fabric. Joann’s Fabric carries several thicknesses of foam, though. This stuff was 6″ thick. They sell it either by the yard for the thinner foam, or some of the thicker one they sell it pre-cut into cushion shapes. But these cushions and the ones I finished last year were odd lengths and widths. If you’re re-upholstering house furniture there’s a couple different options, including polyester batting, stuffing, and a couple others I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    And don’t be deceived. By the time I’m finishing up these long projects, I am typically ready to toss the whole mess is in trash and call it even. 🙂

  3. Awesome and great work! We feel your pain on sewing new cushions: we successfully reupholstered all 16 cushions for our sailboat. We have a Sailrite LSZ-1 sewing machine that is designed to sew sails and other heavy-duty fabric, so it could take the fabric, but we sure spent too much time pulling stitching and fighting with zippers. We didn’t replace all the foam because of the expense and odd shapes, however our V-berth (bed) got a complete foam overhaul because it sits over the water tank and the foam disintegrated. If you want some heavy-duty upholstery options, check out Most of their stuff is for boats in a highly corrosive environment, so it might be overkill for a camper (Joanne’s is much cheaper!).

    As for the baggy cushions, that opens up a number of options. For ultra-comfy cushions, try getting the 3.5″ memory foam topper from Costco and cut it to fit the cushion. It will create a stuffed look and add great comfort. We did that in our V-berth. You can check out our upholstery post here:

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I may use the memory foam on these after all- it depends on which of the beds we’ll be using the most- the camper has three. It will also depend on when I feel like taking on another project 😛

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