Update on the Camper Reupholstering, Etc.

A quick update: A trip to my local fabric store showed that they finally got more of the cushion fabric in.


Tasteful and aptly named “Hunter Check”

And at $4.99/yd, it’s a little cheaper than when I originally bought it several months ago. I couldn’t find the master measurement sheet I made for all of the cushions and curtains, but I took quick measurements of the remaining cushions, and figured 3 yards should cover them.


Nevermind the mess that is our spare room. No human could keep up with the mess-making tornado that is Matt. And yes, there are puppy prints and chew marks on the cushions.

Cutting and sewing will begin sometime tomorrow, since I have little to do but go to the gym, get a haircut, and clean up the house. I should have them done by Friday (I hope). Matt’s out of town tomorrow and Friday for a regular work trip, which means I get my ritual sushi night, but also that I’ll have fewer distractions.

In further planning for the weekend, we may have to scratch anything to do with fixing the boat. We checked on the trailer today, and there’s still a good deal of snow around it, and it’s frozen into the ground. We’ll hope for a good thaw. However, Matt spoke to his buddy, the one we ice fished with, about scouting for turkey and doing some shed hunting. Besides the public land we hunted for deer, we have an eye on at least two more spots within an hour of home.

Today also marked the demise of Meat Box. A few pieces of venison managed to get left in it when we set it outside during clean up. It was subsequently ignored until I re-discovered it today. No amount of sanitizing was going to make it OK again, so, next season we’ll either process the venison right away, or devise a new thawing method.


4 thoughts on “Update on the Camper Reupholstering, Etc.

  1. You guys are so cute! Love the fishing pix! We might still refurb a vintage camper… it’s something I’ve considered for a while now. Following your blog to see how it turns out! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping in 🙂 We’ve been hoping it wouldn’t turn into a Money Pit scenario, as we haven’t checked the electrical or water system yet, but we hope to work on that a bit this weekend.

  2. What an amazing camper! I will follow your progress with great interest. I’m curious about how the hides turned out. My deerslayer tanned a hide when he was young. He said it required hours of rubbing back and forth across a straight edge. He actually created a sharp edge at the end of a length of a 2×4 stabilized by a triangle stand that was held in place by his feet.

    • I think we let the hides dry out way more than we should have. However, Matt has a line on an old dryer with a broken heating element that we’re picking up tomorrow. Hopefully that will break them up enough to rub. I remember watching the Dirty Jobs ep in a tannery, and that’s what they did, only it was all automated 😛

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