Dispatches from Amber’s Toybox (Toolbox?)

Lady Turkey hunter

Lady Turkey hunter

Yesterday afternoon, Matt and I were wandering around the mall on the west side of town while he didn’t have anything concrete going on with work. We grabbed some coffee, and buzzed through the Dick’s Sporting Goods over there.

I’ve mentioned that I was in the market for a new shotgun. But here’s the thing- finding anything that actually fits me and is a reasonable price, especially in outdoor sporting equipment, is a real feat. It takes a lot of luck, honestly. Most of my hunting/outdoors gear is either large youth sizes (which means they are short and wide and still fit poorly), or are small men’s sizes (mostly too long). I am a pretty short, small person. I often wish I was a taller, bigger girl, cause it’d make this whole outfitting bit easier. And most womens’ gear that would fit is really quite expensive.

But I digress. Like I mentioned, last year I used a gun Matt already had. It was a fairly small, single break action 12 gauge shotgun. Size-wise, it worked, even if shooting it left me dazed for a second or two (I was raised around guns, but wasn’t allowed to shoot or touch my dad’s guns. Until meeting Matt I had no use for firearms, and to this day only am interested in hunting firearms). Well, after combing outdoors shops for a gun short enough for me, yesterday we found one.

Originally, a Remington youth model caught his eye. He asked the counter attendant to look at it. But then I noticed a Mossberg youth model on a higher shelf, for slightly cheaper. The Remington felt too long, but the Mossberg was pretty good, and had a stock that could be shortened. Plus it came in camouflage. Matt being a prodigious impulse buyer, he said “We’ll take it!”. Paperwork was filled out, and I happily waited while they ran a background check.

So, now I have a 20 gauge, pump action Mossberg with a 22 inch barrel, and a shortened stock. Matt tells me it’s far and above nicer than his first shotgun, and I believe him. But for around $340 after tax? I won’t complain. It came with two chokes, but we’ll be buying a full extended choke for turkey and waterfowl season.

I'll have something that fits and functions correctly, no caveats.

I’ll have something that fits and functions correctly, no caveats.

[featured image from Etsy seller popstock]


One thought on “Dispatches from Amber’s Toybox (Toolbox?)

  1. Thanks for checking out The Weekend Hunt! My finance had the same issue with finding a shotgun that fit her well. We ended up going with a Remington 870 Express Magnum youth model, which has a smaller stock and barrel, but all the power you would get from any other 20 gauge out there–incase you are looking for another one down the road.

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