Update on the Frozen Meat Situation

As promised, I’m posting to say: I just got the venison out of the freezer. Matt tried valiantly last night, only to go “Damn, that is really in there”. We opted for the last resort- we unplugged the freezer and left it open overnight, until just now. A testament to our little freezer, cause there was still frost inside it, and nothing really thawed. But, it apparently was enough, cause I was able to pry the big black bag loose.



I wish we had a scale, but I’d estimate that it’s close to 100 lbs. I’m glad I’ve been doing deadlifts, cause that’s what I had to do to get the thing out of there.

One more bag.

One more bag.

There was one last bag in there. Of course, also tightly wedged. I had to go get my hunting gloves in order to grip it, as well as not make my hands go numb. I got that out as well, and carried them both inside. The smaller white bag was easy to lift up into the box on the counter. What I failed to account for is the fact that while I can lift and carry about 100 pounds at hip level, I am unable to get that much weight to chest/shoulder level. Especially not something as awkwardly shaped as a lump of frozen deer parts.

My dilemma

My dilemma

I first opted for a stair-style solution. Lifting it to the chair, and then lifting from the chair to chest level.  No dice. So, I then just moved Meat Box to the chair, and put the big bag in/on the box. Then I surrounded the chair on three sides with other chairs and tall furniture to keep the dogs out.

A full Meat Box is a happy Meat Box?

A full Meat Box is a happy Meat Box?

Just now Matt sent over his buddy to help me get it onto the counter. Matt works on the other side of town and couldn’t come help. The only downside is I got some blood on my jeans.

Good thing the home washer is getting fixed tonight.

Good thing the home washer is getting fixed tonight.

This is definitely going in the win column. Now we just need to thaw it, and then butcher it further, label and freeze that. We’ll also grind it up with a little lean pork loin and make sausages and jerky. There will be a post on that coming up.






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