Looking Forward

I considered adding this onto the end of my last post, but figured a separate post was better for everything that I ended up thinking of. I plan to add a calendar widget with opening dates for some of the seasons around here. I want to have a little structure laid out for myself. We won’t have as many outdoor activities here in March, but I can write about a lot of what happened for us last year.

What we’re looking forward to:

  • We’re looking into doing some fly fishing near home on Black Earth Creek. (Trout opened last weekend)
  • We’re also hoping to make a weekend trip to a river near Racine, where lake trout and salmon spawn.
  • Matt wants to charter a boat to go out on Lake Michigan for salmon fishing. If we can get the required 5 or 6 people together, it comes out to about $100 per person.
  • Bowfishing. Seriously. Common Carp spawn in the spring, and there’s quite a few in the Madison chain. The Illinois Valley, where I grew up, is plagued by Asian/silver carp. Those things are fun to shoot, they spawn in spring as well, and I’m more than glad to rid my home area of them. There are also gar and bowfin not only in Madison’s Lakes, but in nearby Oconomowoc.
  • Catfishing up on Cherokee Marsh. Matt wants to catch a 30 pounder this year.
  • Aside from fishing, turkey season is coming up. We purchased second season spring permits, but our zone normally has thousands of leftover permits for the first season, which go up for sale at a great discount. This also means we need to find me a shotgun that is my size and can be choked down. Keep an eye out for posts as we learn to call turkeys. I have some video footage of our first attempts at diaphragm calling.
  • Repairing our boat trailer. What happened to it is an entirely separate, entertaining post, and I have about a month of posts to cover.
  • Finally getting our camper finished. I decided to refinish all the fabric surfaces in an old camper Matt found after a bad experience tent camping near home in Illinois while bowfishing for silver carp.
  • Finally processing all that deer meat and the hides.

Posts to look out for:

  • More dispatches from Matt’s toybox. Gander Mountain had a sale this past weekend on fishing equipment. He also bought some stuff related to turkey hunting. Maybe also a dispatch from my toybox. I’m in the market for a shotgun my size for turkey hunting, and also waterfowl when it comes around. 
  • Wild Food. Once we process that deer, we’ll have more than enough venison to cook. There’s catfish from last year in the freezer, and I may finally get adventurous enough to try to cook the fillets of silver Carp (it’s not supposed to taste too bad) as well as the coots we shot last year.
  • Possibly shooting practice? I’m a fair shot at stationary targets, but I need practice for waterfowl and turkey.

Mostly, I’m going to be happy to take the weekends for get some stuff in the Play Outdoors household set to rights. A lot of things around here are out of sorts, and I’ve been working around them for months. I’ll be glad to not have awkward work-arounds any more. This will also make outdoor adventures going forward a lot easier


3 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. I look forward to reading about how turkey season turns out. I love wild turkey. Every time I’ve fixed it, however, it reminds me of a naked, little, old man. Difficult image to get out of the mind. Sorry for that. Not at all like a butterball. I prefer the all-dark-meat taste from the wild bird. I eagerly await your results.

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