Dispatches from Matt’s Toybox.

If I could say one thing concretely about Matt, it’s that he loves his toys. He loves his toys even more when he thinks they’ll help us when we’re having a bad run at whatever sport we’re doing. The other day, while pining after fish finders that run around $300 each, he found a deal on Cabela’s. An underwater camera for $100. Which is honestly a really good price.

Just like Christmas


It arrived today. Matt rushed home this afternoon to open it. So now we’ll be able to see down into 50 feet of water, since that’s how long the cable is.  And hopefully spot some fish. The same work buddy of his that recommended we try University Bay said he might be able to let us borrow his dad’s ice fish finder.

But while I’m telling stories, I should also share two or three of his other recent toy purchases. He got so excited when I decided to tell him I was thinking of documenting our adventures. He had some rather… ambitious ideas for all of this being such a tiny blog. He is really pumped for the day we can add video. And here is why:

Those aren't just sunglasses.

Those aren’t just sunglasses.

A picture of a camera

You saw correctly. He went and bought a helmet/handlebar/mini cam. And no. Those aren’t just sunglasses. They’re a sunglasses camera he found at Farm and Fleet. There hasn’t been much any action to capture while ice fishing, but if I decide to add video in the future, it would work really well with bowfishing and hunting. This is his version of compromise. I had to talk him down from immediately purchasing 3 cameras and tripods the day I created the blog.

I believe this brings our total to 79 decoys.

More decoys.

These are another steal at $12 per box, down from $25. Decoys are actually quite expensive, however necessary they may be for waterfowling. These are interesting because they’re very light weight foam shells, usable on both land and water. We had a nice sized set of field decoys originally. But last fall, on the opening day of duck season, we went out in the boat and left our field goose gear in our truck, planning to go out the next day. After we put the boat in the water and left, everything was stolen from the truck. On the ride home after finding out everything was taken, the axle on our boat trailer snapped. And we didn’t shoot any birds. It was a bad day. Luckily, within maybe two days, Matt found a guy up in Steven’s Point selling his decoys for a great price: $150 for a dozen over size, weighted decoys. Needless to say, I got off work early and was on the road. After hearing my story, the guy was generous enough to give me another 3 geese and one diver butt in the bargain. He was a really, really nice guy, and his 3 year old son was adorable.

With the addition of these decoys, we can finally try to hunt geese from a cornfield (our luck over water wasn’t spectacular). These also bring our decoy collection up to a respectable 79, between ducks and geese. I’ll have to take a picture of all our decoys on a day when it isn’t 13 degrees and windy. The bigger your decoy spread the more realistic it looks and the more likely birds are to land.

This all barely scratches the surface of Matt’s penchant for toys. Unfortunately, I’ve got little record of previous toybox dispatches. But look forward to plenty more.


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